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As we seek to be God’s faithful people in this time, we are faced with difficult decisions. This should call us back to prayer and to seeking the Lord of All. The recent spike in Covid-19 infection rates and hospitalizations has placed our governing authorities in the position of making difficult decisions, which in turn affect us. One of their decisions was to slow Covid-19 infections and hospitalizations by, temporarily, not permitting the use of choirs, worship bands, and congregational singing at on-site worship services. Singing can contribute to the spread of the virus. As leaders, both staff and elders, we have been talking and praying. As you might imagine, there are a variety of feelings about this. But we decided that, because of our commitment to your safety, as well as playing our part in limiting the spread in the larger community, we will temporarily move to virtual worship via Facebook and our website, with no on-site attendance. The switch will start Sunday, Nov. 22, 2020. The virtual services will allow us to continue worshiping with music and singing. Please remember that worship will not stop. Worship happens wherever God’s people choose to glorify him, whether in the church building or in their homes. We ask for your prayers for us as a church as we consider our next steps.


We want you to be able to get the most out of worship each week, so we've prepared this page to help you, which includes Worship Guides and the weekly Worship Videos. On top of that, we have put together a guide to help you get the most out of Worship each week, which can be found below. 

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