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Some of you may remember the Hope of the Resurrection seminars that we offered last year. We believe we have been given the hope of the resurrection through the Lord Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection and because of that we can confidently plan for the end of our time here so we offered seminars in line with this. We had presenters come to the church to talk about funeral and memorial arrangements, estate planning, life and long term care insurance, wills and living trusts, power of attorney, fives wishes, hospice care and more. 


We believe all of life is a gift of the Lord Jesus so we want to be wise with what He has given us so we wanted to offer other seminars reflective of this kind of faithful stewardship.

Tuesday, October 10 | 6 pm                                        
Topic: Medicare: easy guide to Medicare, overview of open enrollment and upcoming meeting opportunities in Tri Cities.                               

Presenter: Urszula Kobiesa, Licensed Agent at Senior Benefits Solutions           
Tuesday, October 17 | 6 
ow to save for kids’ college/trade/technical education including 529 plans and more.

Presenter: Landra Macy, Financial Advisor at RBC Wealth Management

Each seminar will be a 45 minute talk plus 15 minutes for Q&A.  Childcare is provided. No charge but a donation basket will be available. Please attend the ones that you are interested in.

 If you missed the Hope of the Resurrection Seminars, you can watch below.

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