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Jojo’s Sanctuary 

Heather is originally from Prosser and has been doing anti-trafficking work in Thailand since 2011, first as a program coordinator for Taw Saeng, an after school program, and then as a case manager for child victims of abuse and   trafficking with HUG Project. Heather is passionate about fighting injustice in whatever form it may take.


Covenant Presbyterian Church has had the pleasure of coming along side Heather.  She has done minute for missions here at our church several times and we have supported her financially for many years.

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Heather shared with our Session several months ago about a young boy, Isaac, who needs to have major spinal surgery.  Due to his non-resident status there is no assistance for the surgery and his family does not have adequate funds.  Session earmarked funds to help towards the surgery but more will be needed.  Our church set up a GoFundMe page and collected money for the surgery.

Heather plays a major role in making sure this surgery takes place by visiting the family, going to his doctors appointments, and helping with paperwork.  


Please keep Isaac and his family in your prayers and we are grateful to Heather and her ministry for allowing us to be a part of Isaac’s journey. 

Isaac Surgery Update


On August 3, 2023 Isaac underwent a very extensive surgery to adjust 11 vertebrae in his back.  The surgery went well and he spent several days in the hospital recovering and keeping his pain under control.  He was able to come home on August 18 and is transitioning well.  He is getting around pretty well and can put his back brace on himself.  He is trying to keep up with school work from home but hopes to go to school soon. We have been praying for Isaac for a few years but continued prayers are needed for complete healing. This surgery will change his life completely!


Isaac shared a special video with us which is below.  He says, “hello, I’m out of the hospital now. I can already walk too.  Thank you so much for the finances for my surgery and thank you for praying for me.”

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