We know what it feels like to come into a new place and meet new people. Please know you will be warmly welcomed. This is a place where you will find all ages and all kinds of people from a variety of backgrounds. You will hear us talk a lot about God’s amazing love and mercy. You will hear about how the Lord of all wants to walk beside you in the struggles and joys that you encounter each and every day.
On Sunday mornings you will experience heartfelt contemporary and traditional music. The message will relate the Bible to everyday life. You will find people who accept you as you are. If you have kids they will be cared for and safe. They will learn and experience God’s love for them in ways that are appropriate for their age. Your mid high and high school kids will have the chance to make friends and hear a message that speaks to their particular challenges.
Because of God’s amazing love we expect that the Spirit of God will meet you right where you are at. Regardless of what you have gone through and where you are in life. Because we trust the Spirit of God to be at work we do not feel the need to have you buy into something you are not ready for. We know the Lord Jesus will be at work to build a relationship with you that can reshape and restore you. Those are some of things that you can expect.