There is something going on. Construction workers, contractors, plumbers, electricians and others are flocking to the corner of Market Street and Yakima Avenue. There are strange markings on the ground and in the alley. Trees are being cut back and plants moved. A banner with the word “Renovate” keeps appearing in various places. People are talking. The phrase “renovating our lives, our community, and our facilities” is being overheard again and again. Covenant Presbyterian Church seems to be going through some kind of transformation.
                The truth is that for over a hundred years our church family has had, by the grace of God, the opportunity to play a vital role in ministering to individuals, families, seniors, youth, and children in Prosser. We are so grateful for what the Lord Jesus has done in our lives and we are committed to showing our love and gratitude in whatever way we can. We love this town and we know God loves each and every person even more than anyone can imagine. In the past few years we have come to realize that our facilities need to be renovated to assist us in demonstrating our love for all.  
                We have always placed a priority on practicing hospitality for all, but we wondered if there were ways that our facility could be improved to help people to feel at home the moment they walk through the front doors. It is a busy church with programs for all ages, but we began to wonder how the facilities could be more than a shell for ministries. We began to envision a space where youth, children, and adults of all ages had the chance to share life together. To sit down together around a fireplace with a cup coffee or favorite drink. Sharing joys and challenges in day to day life and how God is at work in all of it. Opportunities to engage and learn from one another. This meant that we would need to enlarge the area just inside our front doors. Walls would need to come down.  A coffee bar would need to be built so we could continue to practice hospitality by serving our guests and one another. We envisioned a place where kids can drop in after school and parents can know they are in a safe place.  A place where youth can be together in presence of adults who love them. Maybe get some help with homework or just to hang out. A place where lasting friendships with others and God are built.  We began to see a vision for enlarged, handicap accessible bathrooms on the main floor. Removing barriers for all. Then we saw our youngest guests and family members enjoyed a renovated nursery.  A place where kids were excited to go and where parents knew their kids would be valued and secure. We dreamed of enlarging the stage in our sanctuary so we can make full use of the myriad of musical and creative gifts in our worship services. This is only part of what we saw!
                Our church family prayed and each person asked, “Lord what would you have me do?” On October 29 each person placed their commitment before God. There were big and small commitments, but all represented equal sacrifice and love. $470,000 was committed! This was to be given over a three-year period, but $180,000 has already come in! People here really want to see this and more happen. Construction is underway and we want to invite you to come see.  Come in, grab a cup of coffee, and take a look around. We would love to take you on a tour and share our dreams. Or if you want to just come in to pray and look around that is fine too. Please feel free to stop in. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give Pastor Paul a call on his cell (509-303-0765) or call the church office at 509-786-1594.

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